Profile of Coaches

Director & Chief Coach

K.T Muraleedharan, N.I.S.,

International profession certified by American swimming coaches association

Vice-President TNSAA and founder secretary SDAT Dolphin swimming academy

National medialist in swimming and water polo and he was a coach of Indian team for 1st SAF championship 1991/1992 & many years he was coach of the Indian Railway Swimming team & Southern Railway team. He started his coaching career during 1988 and has produced many National/International swimmers from TamilNadu including Olympian & Arjuna Awardee Nisha millet, V.Kutraleeswaran Arjuna Awardee & Guiness book record holder

Head Coach

Mrs.Rani Muraleedharan,N.I.S.,National medialist in Swimming,waterpolo & National record holder.She has Started her Coaching career during 1993 and has produced many National Swimmers from TamilNadu.


There are 10 more coaches including Lady coaches working termendously towards the development of upcoming swimmers skills to enable SDAT Dolphin swimming academy to produce World class swimmers from TamilNadu.

Discipline & Skills

We train to develop Fitness level,Discipline,Punctuality,Leadership quality and competitive spirit as part of swimming classes.


Goal of the Academy

To Produce World class swimmers from TamilNAdu.

  • Length 25 mts
  • Width 16 mts
  • Depth -3.5 to 6.5 ft
  • Length-7 mts
  • Width-5 mts
  • Depth-2 f